Dress uP: The Best Strapless Bra Ever

26 10 2009

I hate Victoria’s Secret. I don’t know if it was the sweatpants with PINK written across the butt, the inbox overload of emails, the same clothes they’ve been trying to pawn off on us for 5 seasons now, or the fruit and alcohol explosion perfumes that officially did them in, but over the years I’ve developed a true dislike for this company. Which is why it’s so hard for me to admit that the best strapless bra on the planet comes from none other than Vicky’s Secret.

I won’t get into the details of what originally led me to the Very Sexy Plunge multi-way bra with Gel-Curve®, but now that I’ve found it, I will never let another strapless bra make it’s way into the underwear drawer. So what sets this bra apart? Where do I even begin?

One of my biggest problems with strapless bras, besides slipping, is the terrible “double bubble” or “big orange cone breasts” they create, especially under more form fitting clothes. With this bra, there’s not a DB or rocket ship in sight. The shape is so natural, it rivals a regular bra, even under the thinnest T-shirt. The band is wide and strong, with extra elastic that keeps the bra from slipping, even through the maniacal dancing I did at my friend Kathryn’s wedding. And the plunge front makes this bra work even under the lowest cut shirts.

Fuller busted ladies afraid of the gel inserts? Don’t be. They come out. And for those of us who need a little extra lift, this bra provides it without making us look like porno clowns.

I will always give credit where it’s due and VS- I thank you for this strapless. Now if we can only fix the 75 catalogs a week situation…





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