Wise uP: The Truth About Box Color

26 04 2012

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had a client with jet black ends sit in my chair for a color correction and say “I don’t know what happened! The box said Dark Brown and I got THIS.”

I then ask them to describe my hair color, which, to an untrained eye, would be considered the darkest of browns. My clients can’t believe it when I tell them that in the color world my hair is considered LIGHT brown. And that there is a universal numbering system that professionals use to perfectly match their color.

Drug Store box colors don’t do this and why would they? A Duane Reade shopper is going to reach for “Cinnamon Brown” or “Milk Chocolate” before they choose “Level 5 Neutral.” They look at a photo-shopped picture on the box, done by a professional colorist and think that’s what their result will be!

When the color turns out too dark or too red or doesn’t cover grays, many people will try to fix it themselves by adding MORE color on top, creating an even bigger mess.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a professional color your hair. After all, you are putting chemicals on your head, many of which might be too strong for what you actually need. A trained colorist can offer many options depending on individuals needs. He or she will work with you not only to find the ideal shade, but to keep your hair shiny and healthy and the unnecessary chemicals at a minimum.

If cost is a concern, look into a salon’s apprentice program where licensed hair assistants take class and need models. These classes are usually taught and supervised by senior colorists and cost a nominal product fee.

Just say NO to Box Color!