Friends of the pH

Friends of the pH

Whittemore House– 45 Grove Street, NYC. 212.242.8880.  My new place of employment where the color magic happens.

Frank Halter, DC– My incredible husband, chiropractor extraordinaire and health professional.

Antonio Gonzales– Antonio was the one who got me into the whole blog idea. One of the funniest, most informative beauty blogs out there.

Meredith Whitefield– Photographer and friend. Meredith makes people look good and for that we love her. and

DJ Colleen Crumbcake, Popshop!DJs– Colleen is hands down the best DJ in the tri-state and one of the coolest people I know. She keeps the arses out of the seat and on the dancefloor. Popshop! website- Colleen’s blog-

Motoko Fukuyama, Love in Progress- Like a tiny ninja, Motoko quietly captures the best moments of your life, sets them to music and makes them into video memories. Look for a certain brunette blogger on her wedding highlight reel.


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