Eat uP: The Crooked Knife

15 05 2010

Sometimes it’s plain old annoying trying to go out in the Meatpacking District. Take for example this past Cinco de Mayo. A few coworkers and I wanted a simple margarita, guac and chips optional. We headed over to one of our favorite neighborhood Mexican joints to find an around-the-corner line of drunk people in plastic Coors Light Cinco de Mayo hats and an hour-long wait for a table. Next place, same situation with double the frat boys and double the wait. Disgusted, we took off for the PATH train only to stumble upon the best new bar/restaurant 14th Street has seen in YEARS: The Crooked Knife.

We got our margarita fix that night but in the times we’ve been back, we’ve opted for wine (none of which is more than $9 a glass and it’s not Franzia). The pours are healthy, the bartenders are hilarious and the manager couldn’t be more accommodating.

Foodwise, The Crooked Knife does not disappoint. It’s standard American fare, reasonably priced, creatively prepared and above all else, delicious. Our favorite dishes have been the Shrimp Scampi appetizer, Fish and Chips, Calamari Salad and Scallops but from what we’ve seen at other tables, the dishes all look wonderfully well thought out. As an added bonus, the homemade bread is a tasty addition to the meal.

The Crooked Knife will hopefully become a beloved neighborhood joint and not an overpriced tourist trap like so many of the other places orbiting 14th street. We’ve only been there three times but we’re already in love.

The Crooked Knife

232 West 14th Street (between 7th and 8th)

New York, NY 10011