What’s uP: A Love Letter to Emergen-C

5 08 2009


Dear Emergen-C:

I know we’ve only known each other for a year but I’d like to take a moment to profess my undying love for you and your magical powers.

I remember the first time I saw you: on the shelf at Bikram Yoga NYC. I wasn’t impressed and wrote you off as just another culty yoga product. In fact it wasn’t until last summer, after a cookout gone wild, that I opened myself up to you. I was laying completely immobilized on my friend Eric’s couch, watching the Muppet Show on DVD, hoping for any sign of normal body stasis, when my friend brought me a tumbler of phosphorescent orange goodness. Within 20 minutes I was completely brought back to life. And from that moment on, our relationship blossomed.

How much do I love thee, Emergen-C? Let me count the ways:

  •  Although I’m partial to Super Orange, you have enough flavors for every palate
  • Your 25 calories and 5g sugar respect all dietary needs
  • You kick Gatorade’s ass right back to the locker room in terms of electrolyte replenishment
  • Next to toilet paper and paper towels, you are the only thing I buy in bulk
  • You are not only a guaranteed hangover prevention (taken before bed) but a next-day massacre relief (if forgotten to take before bed)
  • Your abundance of B vitamins reduces my stress level while providing me with a healthy afternoon boost
  • Since I’ve found you, I haven’t had a single cold this year
  • You are delicious

Don’t worry, Emergen-C, I know you have many imitators invented by school teachers and so on, but you’re the only one for me. Here’s to another healthy, happy year together!



P.S. This blog is not sponsored by any companies, brands or products.  Anything mentioned by name is truly awesome and mention-worthy.





One response

9 08 2009

You know if you go to the site, you can get some free samples sent to you. Most excellent, since I’ve never tried this and you’ve peeked my interest. 🙂

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