Listen uP: Two for Tuesday

16 03 2010

Grrrrrrrrl Power Straight from Sirius

I originally bought Sirius satellite radio so that my husband and I could listen to Howard Stern in the morning. What we didn’t know was how amazing the other hundred channels were. In the three plus years that we’ve had Sirius, I’ve discovered countless new talents as well as rediscovered old favorites (without commercials, yay!). This week, since I’m feeling empowered by the extended daylight, I’d like to feature two badass lady songs that make me stand up just a little bit taller.

Download #1: “Kiss From a Fist” by Florence + The Machine. I’m so psyched that this song is finally available for download on iTunes without having to buy the entire crappy “Jennifer’s Body” soundtrack. “Kiss From a Fist” is part of the brilliant album “Lungs” by Florence + The Machine and is literally an ass kicking anthem at its two-minute finest (“A kiss with a fist is better than none”). Florence’s dreamy vocals make me think of Bjork on certain tunes, Regina Spektor on others, but she’s got a groove that’s all her own:

Download #2: “Heavy Cross” by The Gossip. I first heard this tune while putting together my summer running mixes and for a split second thought it was Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.” But then lead singer Beth Ditto kicked it into full gear and there was no mistaking that this was something special. Almost eight months later, it’s still on my mix, motivating me to get just a little bit faster. From the album “Music for Men.”

Although both these songs are incredibly download-worthy, I can honestly say that both albums are also worth owning. Support female artists and get the whole darn thing!