Dress uP: Dancers do it Better

30 11 2009

Leggings by Body Wrappers. Attitude by Amanda.

A couple years back, I never thought I’d see the return of leggings. For years we’d laugh at those who were still stuck in the 80’s legging/tunic frame of mind while secretly wishing we could return to the spandexy comfort of those tight-fitting beauties. When they came back on the scene a few years ago I didn’t run to the nearest American Apparel to buy a pair of cheaply made $50 tights without feet.  Oh no. I simply dug into my dance drawer.

Good dancewear is made to withhold a lot: rolling around on the ground, falling, being crumpled up into a ball and thrown into a dance bag, leaping and bounding. And good dancewear is made to last. While it may be slightly more expensive, it’s guaranteed to take a beating and still perform. Here are three of my leg wear favorites that make daily appearances in my everyday wardrobe.

1.)  Leggings by Body Wrappers ($22.50)- These are hands down the best leggings you will find anywhere. You can wash and dry them, work or play in them and they will never stretch out, bag in the knees or lose their shape. As a matter of fact, I’m still wearing a pair I’ve had since college (1998) even though they’re more of a “dark gray” these days. 100% cotton/spandex available in black, white and navy.  Also available in low rise.

2.)  Compression Tights by Danskin ($11.50)– These tights used to be called “Too Pretty to be Support” but I think Danskin finally wised up and changed the name to “Compression Tights.” Either way, they are style #212 and are fabulous tights. I’m on my feet all day long and the slight compression keeps my legs comfortable and spider vein-free. I also love the feel of the tights and that they don’t get “stuck” on cotton skirts and dresses. Nylon/lycra, available in black, pink or toast.

3.)  Fishnet Tights by Capezio ($19)– I know, I know. 19 bucks is a lot to spend on a pair of holey tights. But these are absolutely worth it as I’ve had the same pair for 5 years and they are just starting to show signs of wear. I love these fishnets because they’re tough as hell and won’t get snags, no matter what boots you wear or sidewalks you trip on. The soles of the tights are flat so they’re super comfortable inside your shoes and since the spandex is so strong, it’s like a built in control top. Best of all, they make your legs look awesome.  80% nylon/20 % lycra-spandex, available in black or caramel.

All of the above leg wear can be purchased through http://www.nydancewear.com.  NY Dancewear is a wonderful company that I’ve supported for years. They are incredibly helpful and can answer any questions you might have about sizing. I’m happy to continue to give them my business.