Change it uP: I Love Extreme Makeovers

15 08 2009

There are two things a client can say that will make me absolutely swoon as a colorist: 1.) “Do whatever you want” and 2.) “I want to make a drastic change.”

I was born with dark brown hair and I’ve accepted the fact that unless I wear a wig, I will probably never change beyond the dark brown-black-aubergine family. I’m boring, but I know what does and does not work for me. And while I love doing beautiful, organic color and subtle highlights on others, it’s the color that turns a person into someone else that truly keeps me on my toes. Drastic changes, although thrilling, can be a little intimidating for a colorist, but when they work, they really work. I did both the before and after color on Sophy. 

Sophy: Highlighted Blonde to Firey Red

Sophy is an awesome girl: a tall, blonde dancer who is fully tattooed and completely fearless. One afternoon she sent me an email asking what I thought about her going red. At first I thought maybe a strawberry blonde or a light copper, but no, she wanted to go balls to the wall, cherry bomb red. Sophy booked an appointment for the next day and a few hours later, she walked out the door as a drop dead gorgeous redhead.

Sophy Version 1.0:

Blonde and Straight

Sexy and Straight

Sweet and Curly

Sweet and Curly

Sophy Version 2.0:



 For those out there who are considering a major change, I beg you: Do not attempt to do it at home! Please seek the assistance of a professional. Trust me, I’ve seen enough green hair, hot pink roots and chemical haircuts to KNOW that at home makeovers are not the way to go. A consultation costs nothing and can save a lot of heartache later.

And for anyone who would be willing to completely change it up for this blog, email me at: