Fess uP: Booze is Making me Fat

28 01 2010

We all know that alcohol is nothing but empty calories and that we’re probably better off eating a movie theater sized bag of Sour Patch Kids than drinking 2 or 3 margaritas on a Friday night. But we still keep on drinking, knowing that tomorrow’s treadmill will counteract our bad behavior from the previous night.

I treated this holiday season like it was my own personal 21st birthday party-eating and drinking like it was my occupation and thinking little about the consequences of my actions. It wasn’t until a yearly doctor’s appointment this week that made me seriously consider my behavior.  I had been doing so well post-Christmas (or so I thought) until my doctor informed me that I had gained 9 pounds since last year’s exam. Since I had been eating well and exercising regularly, it could only be one thing: my considerably boozy behavior.

Now I am in no way, shape or form in need of an intervention or a long time abstinence from alcohol but my recent weight gain has got me thinking: Is booze making me fat? And do I need to do something about it?

Starting February 1 and ending March 1, I plan on abstaining from alcohol to see if it makes a difference in my weight loss.  I will continue to eat and exercise exactly as I have been, but I want to see the size of the dent that alcohol puts in my weight loss regime.  Stay tuned for updates…