What’s uP: Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website

17 06 2010

For the Love of Carlo Rossi

Liquid Amnesia

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I took a trip to my neighborhood liquor store to stock up on my Sangria accoutrements. I’ll never give up the entire recipe but I can (freely) admit that one of the ingredients is a small jug of Carlo Rossi red. When I returned home I got to thinking, “What kind of wine IS this, exactly?” One hour of googling later, I still don’t have an answer to that ridiculous question but I may have found my new favorite website: Broke-ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website.

In their own words, the site states:

“We write for busboys, poets, social workers, students, artists, musicians, magicians, mathematicians, maniacs, yodelers and everyone else out there who wants to enjoy life not as a rich person, but as a real person. Namely, we write for you.”

During my wasted time searching for the key grape varietal in a $6 jug of wine, I stumbled upon Broke-ass Stuart’s ode to Carlo Rossi and got a good laugh and a wave of nostalgia just thinking about that liquid amnesia, Carlo Rossi served in a plastic cup. Here’s the link to that post and I urge you to check out the rest of the site. I love it.





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