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15 12 2009

Selections from the New Moon Soundtrack

I was a big fan of the Twilight books, citing them as my #1 guilty pleasure of 2008. And while I’m not nearly as enthusiastic about the horrifically acted movies, I give two big thumbs up to the guy or gal who assembled the soundtrack. In my humble opinion, anyone who can put Thom Yorke and Die Fledermaus on the same album and make it work deserves special accolades.

Download #1: “Hearing Damage” by Thom Yorke. I’m a huge Radiohead fan and when I first heard this song I literally couldn’t move (“A tear in my brain/allows the voices in/…you can do no wrong/in my eyes”).  Not to mention they also made fantastic use of the song within the movie, rather than wasting it on the closing credits.

Download #2: “The Violet Hour” by Sea Wolf. This song sounds like something from alternative ‘80’s heaven with pop shadings of bands like The Jam and The Smiths. One of the few up-tempo tracks, “The Violet Hour” is the meat in the middle of the New Moon soundtrack.

Honorable Mention: Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me on the Equinox” is a fantastic opening track, however I’m afraid that excessive radio play will make us all hate it by 2010. That being said, it’s still a great song that’s definitely worth a listen.

For those that are embarrassed to download the New Moon soundtrack, I urge you to throw your pride aside and take a chance. You’ll be richly rewarded.




One response

17 12 2009

I understand what you mean when you say “when I first heard this song I literally couldn’t move”… I feel that way about Dreamworld (Robin Thicke) and Change Gon’ Come (Sam Cooke – I know I know, played OUTT by AI…but always a classic)!!

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