What’s uP: Inspiration Through Dance

14 12 2009

I’ve been a longtime fan of Pilobolus Dance Company and in searching online for clips to share with my husband, I came across this astonishing piece called “Symbiosis.” The strength and grace of these two dancers is incredibly inspiring…and jaw dropping.

“Does it trace the birth of a relationship? Or the co-evolution of symbiotic species?

For more on Pilobolus, please visit: http://www.pilobolus.org




4 responses

16 12 2009
Kathryn PhD (Patricia Hartz-Daly!)

I can’t remember the last time I was so moved by a dance. This was the most personal and intimate choreography I have ever seen. And the grace and strength that each dancer brought to this piece was stunning! Thanks for sharing this!

16 12 2009

This piece is unbelievable to me. The strength and trust between these dancers is incredible

29 12 2009

Alyson they look like they are floating. I love that. Beautiful!

7 07 2010

I saw that piece for the first time several months ago and it brought me to tears. Seeing it yet again, I am still amazed at the beauty and power and emotion those dancers bring. This troupe makes my heart sing!

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