Wise uP: Don’t Throw Out Those Nozzles!

18 11 2009

I recently spent the night at my parents’ house in NJ and as I was getting ready the next day, I realized that every blow dryer in the house was missing its nozzle. Now just because I’m a professional stylist does not mean that I need a super-expensive hair dryer to coif myself, but I can’t comprehend how anyone can properly dry their hair without the nozzle. I eventually found one under my old spiral curling iron from the early 90’s, dusted it off and reattached it to its proper owner.

FHI- My Favorite Professional Blow Dryer

As it turns out, my mom and sister aren’t the only ones who think the nozzle attachment is completely optional. Whenever I give my clients blow dry tips at the salon, they are amazed to learn that the nozzle actually does something. By adding that attachment to your dryer, you are keeping the air and heat in a steady, concentrated stream, rather than having air blowing every which way, fluffing up your locks even more. If it feels awkward to have it attached horizontally, try twisting it so it’s vertical. Either way, you want the nozzle to go across each section of hair.

It may take a while to get used to using the nozzle, but after some practice, you will have much smoother, shinier hair. So dig into those old hair product drawers, ladies and reattach!

Drying your hair should not make you want to reach for THIS!




3 responses

18 11 2009
Kathryn D

I will have you know that, while I agree with you, you must warn people that when they reattach, they can count on whacking themselves in the head a few times the first week or so…amazing how that extra length gets in the way!

5 01 2010

i tried this and it works so much better! i put it on my regular hairdryer and my travel one. great tip!

5 01 2010

I’m so glad the nozzle worked out for you. It takes a little getting used to but really makes a difference once you figure it out.

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