Make uP: The Best Nail Polish on the Planet

28 08 2009


Whatever Lola Wants

Whatever Lola Wants



It may seem a bit trivial to write about nail polish but trust me, when your hands are immersed in color and water all day long, regular nail care becomes of utmost importance. I used to have beautiful, long, strong nails. Then I became a colorist and they barely grow above my fingertips and are a constant shade of…tan.

I tend to favor dark colored nail polishes to mask the permanent discoloration of my nails but as we all know, dark nail polish chips after about 10 minutes. Not to sound like a Cover Girl commercial, but chipped nail polish is now a thing of the past. I’ve discovered the Ferrari of polish: Lippman Nail Lacquer. It’s $16 a bottle and worth every cent. Each lacquer bears the name of a song and lasts such a long time that it’s almost tough to take it off. Besides being formaldehyde-free, Lippman polish contains biotin (for cell regrowth), green tea and okoume (a natural nail strengthener)

I think my mom put it best in a recent voicemail she left me: “I know it’s dear (pricey), but would you mind picking me up another bottle of that amazing nail polish. It lasts forever.”

Mom’s favorite: “Whatever Lola Wants” (created with Kelly Ripa)

My favorites: “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Just Walk Away Renee “(created with Renee Zellweger), “Kiss From a Rose,” “Hit Me with Your Best Shot (created with Pat Benetar)”

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

For more information on Lippman Nail Lacquer visit:




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