Change it uP: Jer’s Manly Makeover

18 07 2009

Back in the beauty school days I couldn’t even pay my guy friends to let me give them a haircut.  Lucky for me, when everyone else denied me, I could always count on my dad (lovingly known as Jer) to practice on. Now anyone who knows Jer knows that he takes his hair VERY seriously and this was a humongous leap of faith to let some piddly beauty school student, nevermind the fact that it was his daughter, mess with his perfectly coiffed locks. But always being up for an adventure, Jer braved two hours in the chair getting a decent to mildly pathetic scissor over comb haircut.  Fast forward six years and I cut Jer’s hair every 4.5 weeks in about 35-40 minutes, depending on how much we chat.  

So when I needed a male model to demonstrate the awesomeness of gray blending for this blog, I turned to none other than Jer for a little assistance.

Before Pics:


The Silver Fox: 50% Salt, 50% Pepper

The Silver Fox: 50% Salt, 50% Pepper






I chose Wella Color Touch 4/0 with 1.9% developer to do a true gray blending on my dad. Neither of us wanted that black shoe polish, Grecian Formula look, so I left it on for 10 minutes to do a subtle blending. I also threw in a haircut and moustache trim because he was such a good sport.  I think the results are natural, subtle and above all else masculine. Most importantly, Jer loves it (my mom on the other hand, feels like she’s married to a younger man). Best thing about gray blending for men: it fades out gradually in 4-6 weeks, so there’s no telltale roots.  

Thanks to my dad for being such a brave model!

After Pics:


From Silver Fox to Jose Valentin

From Silver Fox to Jose Valentin




Hair perfectly coiffed using Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Illuminating Design Gel




6 responses

18 07 2009

Good stuff. That Jer is a very handsome guy! Now could you get Richard Gere in your chair next please?

18 07 2009

Al, you are amazing! You managed to make JER! even more JER!-like without taking away the true essence of JER!… He looks great! I can picture him at a Beirut table, not only kicking ass, but looking like one of the kids while doing it. Great work, Al!

19 07 2009

WOW!! I thought your BEFORE pictures were the AFTER ones he looked so good – (not that I’m scoping your Dad out or anything 🙂 But he looks great – nice work

19 07 2009

Right in time for body surfing at the beach

23 07 2009

I am happy to report that Jer has traded in his store brand Manpoo for some color safe shampoo. Way to make your color last, Dad!

25 07 2009

You made Jer look great!

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